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13 Mar 5 reasons why you should go to Ibiza this spring

You can feel that the spring is coming and with it its long summer days. You can start planning your weekend trips to the beach again. Think about a weekend to Ibiza where you will have enough time for these 5 must-do in Ibiza!
“Las tortillas de Santa Agnés”, a small village surrounded by cherry trees that look beautiful and full of flowers during the spring. You can stroll around, breath fresh air and ask in the local café for tortillas. It is easy to find because it´s the only bar in town!


Also you can go visit the San Juan Sunday market for instance. Life still continue at Ibiza after the 31st of August. The local makers who live on the island are still selling their paintings, artifacts and music. There you will find authentic souvenirs, made in Ibiza for a fair price.


A coffee? Before you go home you will have to visit the Café Caleta in Sa Caleta, another classic thing to do on Ibiza. If you go once, you always come back. You will never forget the unmistakable smell of coffee and sea…


Only in spring you can visit the Buda in Punta Galera without anybody disturbing your thoughts. Despite the fact that is a secret cave is summer there is always somebody sunbathing or listening to the melody of the waves, or simply enjoying one of the most bohemian corners of the island.
If you like the silence, nature and freedom you should come in the spring. Besides that you will save money on sun protection…


You will most definitely spend some time in the city of Ibiza. In the springtime your nose is searching for al fresh odors it couldn´t find during the winter. So why not take with you your own personalized freshener in ´Aromas de Ibiza´. You can take home the essence of Ibiza that you like: cherry, white moss, sea …
You can also say that the Spring is a good time to come to Ibiza because you can visitFormentera. It´s a smaller island right next to Ibiza. Actually is any sunny a good day to visit Formentera. But about that trip we will talk later…

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