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Architecture Walking Tour of Barcelona

Architectural Walking Tours

21 Sep Architecture Walking Tour of Barcelona

Walking tours of Barcelona are almost always free and that is the reason why these tours are so popular. These tours (as the name suggests) are centered in showing the best architecture of the city. Here is a list of what you will be seeing:

Gaudi Tour

This tour will include the marvels of Antoni Gaudi. The guides will take you through the buildings, inside and out, constantly giving you information about the creator, the building, it’s history and the current news. You will be kept entertained because these tours are highly educational and interactive. You will get chances to stop, talk, appreciate and share knowldge in the tours along with many others who will be accompanying you.

Barcelona and the Sea Tour

This tour will take you through the Gothic area of Barcelona city, the Cathedral, the Roman City and Barceloneta, amongst other places. The tour guide will keep you constantly informed about the history of these places and tell you about their significance and the reasons why they stand as the representation of Barcelona’s amazing architecture.
The tour will tell you more than you ever knew about the history of Catalonia, livelihoods of the locals and culture of Barcelona.

Here are a few tips for you to get the best out of the walking tours:

If you’re an avid fan of architecture, then consider taking part in various guided tours throughout your holiday in Barcelona. New guides will give you glimpses of the city’s architecture in new ways which will be refreshing. Wear comfortable shoes because you have a lot to see! Interact with the guides and those touring along with you. You will learn more when you share your experiences with others. Who knows you might even get a new friend!

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