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Attack of the street art

Barcelona Street Art

23 Oct Attack of the street art

Why enter a museum, when the museum can be Barcelona. The Mediterranean city has become a place of cult regarding graffiti’s and street art. Wherever you turn, wherever you go you will find a masterpiece in the walls. Some of them assemble perfect with the monochromatic buildings of the Spanish city. If you want to have some fresh air, good exercise and discover the wonders of this new kind of art, enjoy a list of the best places to create your own street art tour.

Historic streets, historic street art

Both came from a total different era, and now lives in the same place. The Gothic Quarter has the oldest buildings of the city. Many of those buildings come from medieval times, and have the typical architecture of those times. Those buildings combine verticality in their structure of stone, using ogive shapes and pointed arches that have persisted over time with almost no deterioration. These were the buildings that saw the first street art on their walls, a combination of past and present amalgamate creating a wonderful view.

Artist still prefer the Gothic Quarter

Plenty of modern artists (including graffiti artist) and painters decide to put their art galleries in the Gothic Quarter. They feel that these picturesque streets are the best places to show their art.

A city of mazes

Barcelona is one of those cities you would really appreciate to get lost in. With small streets crossing all over the cities is just matter of time to see some incredible graffiti’s. Signs, walls, doors, everything is a blank sheet for this art. The Raval near (the Museum of Contemporary art) is another great place to appreciate the finest of an art that is getting bigger and stronger every day.

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