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Barcelona Street Food Tour

Barcelona Street Food Tour

08 Oct Barcelona Street Food Tour

Barcelona’s street food tour is very famous. You can enjoy the delicacies this city has to offer. The tour guides make sure to take you through the streets of Barcelona is search of the right food for you. Here you have a list of the most popular tours:

Catalonian food

An introduction to traditional Catalonian food. The tour guides will make you taste some of the best and authentic Catalonian food that one can get their hands on, in Barcelona. Paela, Calçotada, Mariscada etc. are only few of the food items that you can devour.

International cuisine

A touch of cuisines from around the world. Though Catalonian food is what Barcelona is famous for, the cuisines that come from other parts of the world have been successful to win hearts of the people. From Thai and Chinese, to Indian and Mexican, you will get a bit of everything here in the wonderful city.

History and culture

It is a 6-hour tour that comprises not only of food, but a little bit of history and culture of Barcelona. If you are lucky, then you might get a chance to take a look at the famous monuments and building of Barcelona, while your tour guide informs you about their history and significance.

The best Cava of the world

Try the best Cava of the world. While you eat to your heart’s content, keep a little space for some of the best Cava that you can find. This food tour is dedicated to finding you the best food from the city and it will not rest until it has done so. Tip: Come with an empty stomach to enjoy all the delicious food!

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