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Best Chinese Food Restaurants In Barcelona

Best Chinese Food Restaurants In Barcelona

11 Sep Best Chinese Food Restaurants In Barcelona

In love with Chinese food and simply can’t do without it? Well, worry no more because we have found you a list of restaurants in Barcelona that serve the best Chinese food in the city!

Son Hao

This restaurant serves Cantonese food along with the delicious Chinese cuisine. It is not called the best restaurant for no reason! The service here is impeccable and the food simply marvelous. The customers have always been pleased with the food and the services. The favorite of the customers here is loin pork and grilled beef. Do try the spicy traditional food here for an out of the world experience altogether.

Wok to Walk

This restaurant located in the busy street of La Rambla is always bustling with visitors who are eager to grab a bite at this restaurant. The customers believe this restaurant provides affordable, yet delicious meal every time. The services have been rated really high on the chart, making it one of the favorites of the visitors.
The fresh food comes with fast service which makes sure all the guests are enjoying their time at their restaurant. You can choose your own variety of sauce to go with the noodles. The chefs will make your meal right in front of your eyes, unlike any other restaurant.


This restaurant excels at everything when it comes to pleasing their guests. The dishes are one-of-a-kind delicious and service is friendly and fast. The décor of the place is elegant yet simple and pleasing to the eyes, just the way the food is pleasing to your tummy!



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