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Bike Tour of Barcelona

bike tour Barcelona

28 Sep Bike Tour of Barcelona

If you like bike rides, then you would definitely like one ride in Barcelona city. The bike tours of Barcelona will take you through the inner city, show you the best places to spend time at and inform you about the city’s magnificent history and culture. The guides are very knowledgeable and good riders too! Here are a few things that you can expect from this experience:

The true essence

Visits to the flea markets and shops are on the list. The tour guides will take you to places of the city where normally tourists don’t think of going because they are just so “everyday”. But only those who travel know that the true essence and life of a city and its livelihood lies in its everyday activities.

Delicious local food

Expensive food out, local restaurants in. The bike tour of Barcelona is focused around the idea of showing you the true form of Barcelona which can only happen if you experience the life like a local. The guides will take you to the local bars and restaurants that are popular amongst the locals and don’t just the tourists. These restaurants have extremely delicious food at reasonable prices.

Amusing information

While on a city tour, expect a lot of information coming in. Since the tour guides are very knowledgeable about their city, you will find that they have a passion for what they speak. This has inspired many tourists before and we also hope you will be just as much inspired!

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