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Can Framis Museum Tour In Barcelona

05 Oct Can Framis Museum Tour In Barcelona

Can Framis is a museum that promotes contemporary Catalan artworks and paintings. This museum holds more than 250 paintings of artists from Catalonia. These paintings range from the ones dating back to the ‘60s to the present and counting.

Guided tours

This museum was opened in 27th April, 2009 and has been visit by the public ever since. There are various guided tours that take place in the museum. The guides will take you around the museum and tell you more in details about the paintings and the museums. It can be a great way to spend some time during your holiday to Barcelona.

New paintings

New paintings are added to the collection every now and then, making the collection grow and change with time. The paintings are spread across the three levels (floors) of the building and an additional fourth floor to display contemporary art exhibitions that are held occasionally.

Art gallery area

Although the permanent paintings are only there for a year (because new ones are constantly being added to the collection), the contemporary art gallery area is upgraded every 3 months so that there is enough rotation for people to come and enjoy a variety of new works.

Workshops and programs

The museum is also known for organizing various workshops and programs that train people from various age groups starting from pre-school students to high school graduates and more. The difficult levels of these workshops increase with the increasing age group.

Special programs

There are special programs also organized for those with special needs. These classes train the young minds to create masterpieces with just their brushes and minds. The main aim of this museum is to bring out the best in everyone and to promote Catalan modern and traditional art. Make it a point to visit Can Framis museum on your holiday to Barcelona.



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