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Check Out Montserrat Monastery While In Barcelona


31 Jul Check Out Montserrat Monastery While In Barcelona


Montserrat Monastery is an abbey located on the Montserrat Mountain. This mountain is situated in Monistrol de Montserrat in Spain, which is approximately 48 kilometers away from Barcelona city. Thousands of tourists, locals and hikers come to the mountain for various activities including site seeing and hiking. There are many vacation homes and apartments in Barcelona that are near the mountain.

Why should I visit Montserrat Monastery?

The Monastery is a shrine for the statue of mother Mary and infant Christ, which is also known as Virgin of Montserrat. This abbey is also of high cultural and spiritual importance to Catalonians and the other locals. It is located within the area of the Mare de Déu de Montserrat. There is also a basilica that has a museum which is home to many of the paintings and artworks of renowned painters and artists.

It is a great place for hiking or sight-seeing. The museum can show you some of the most brilliant artworks of artists and tell you about the history of the monastery. You will get a breathtaking view of Catalana.

How do I reach the monastery?

There are two ways to reach the mountain: road and rail. You can hire or book a car for a day directly from your apartment in Barcelona. Though many people also go for bike rides on the mountains for a more thrilling experience, one can take a car if one is traveling with family. Many trains are available throughout the day that will take you straight to the mountain within only 1 and half hour; and upon reaching the station you can take the cable car.


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