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Go For A Riad In Marrakech

MARRAKESH, MOROCCO - MAY 11-2015: Unidentified crowd on the Jemaa el Fna Square during the sunset on May 11, 2015 in  Marrakesh, Morocco. The square is declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

20 Jul Go For A Riad In Marrakech

Riad, or ‘ryad’ literally translated to ‘garden’ in Arabian. A riad in Marrakech is a house or a palace-like home that has come with a garden or a yard. These homes were built in accordance to the notions of hijab or privacy in Islam. There are many forms of riads in Marrakech, and they come in various shapes and sizes. No matter where you are in Marrakech, you will surely encounter a riad.

Often these homes open up to a front or central garden that may have orange trees and a fountain. But, as the time goes by, the styles and constructions of riads have also changed, keeping the basic idea the same. Today, many of the riads are being restored and used as rental homes for tourists. It is a way to experience living is a differently constructed home.


In Marrakech, you will find many riads all around the city during you holiday in Marrakech. Some will be cheaper than the others, and the amount you wish to pay determines that service that you will receive. However, there is no guarantee that an expensive riad will come with a good location and services, either.

To make your job easier in finding the best riad for your holiday in Marrakech, we have gathered a list of riads that provide the best services, are affordable and located in the best areas. A few of them are:

  • Chambre Hanane: This riad comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and all other facilities of daily needs.
  • Chambre Meryem: This home is a comfortable one for two people. It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Sweet Nacarat: This riad is also for 2 people. It has a private terrace, Wi-Fi, security system, kitchen appliances and much, much more!
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