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Ibiza’s Best Beaches

Ibiza's Best Beaches

24 Aug Ibiza’s Best Beaches

If you are searching for the best beaches, Ibiza is definitely the right place.

Cala Xarraca

This beautiful beach is 90 meters long and a perfect spot for activities like snorkeling, diving, boat rides, etc. Though it is a small and secluded beach, it is a very popular beach. There is also a section for nudists. So if you are looking for crystalline water and a breathtaking view Cala Xarraca won’t let you down!

Cala Jondal

This beach is located amidst pine trees, green hills and, of course, the sea. It is a very popular beach for those who like sailing and own their boats. The terrain is pebbly. You will also see a few beautifully constructed building on the other side of the road, where you can rent apartments in Ibiza. The beach has restaurants that serve delicious food and drinks and treat their customers like kings!

Cala Salada

This beach is small and mostly rocky. Tourists and locals can be seen here diving, snorkeling, taking boat rides or swimming. There are caves nearby the beach where people go to explore the cave paintings from the Bronze Age. It is a wonderful and calm beach to spend some quality time.

Santa Eulalia

Though the width of the beach is only 20 meters, the visitors can find a lot many activities to do here. It is located directly by the Eulalia Beach Resort and experiences a large number of visitors every time of the year. The location of the beach is excellent for those who are looking to rent apartments in Ibiza.

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