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Marrakech, the sunny place you’ll want to visit now!


29 Jan Marrakech, the sunny place you’ll want to visit now!

I am working in the office, looking out the window and again I see a rainy day. I want to escape and I begin to dream of a holyday in Marrakech.

I am imagining a relaxing Riad (typical Moroccan home) with a terrace where you chill out when the sun sets in Marrakech. Enjoying the local culture meanwhile feeling at home.


Once I would be totally relaxed, I’d visit the colorful and bustling souk (market) of Marrakech. It would be great to find a carpet for my home there and who knows… maybe I would do a little henna tattoo that reminds me of this trip for a while.


Strolling through the city I will pass by the Djemaa el Fna, see with my own eyes the beauty of the Koutoubia Mosque (although it has to be from the outside), walk through the Menara Gardens and discover other hidden corners of the city when I walk along.

Visiting the Essaouira is also part of my perfect trip to Morocco. It is a small city on the coast where you can enjoy delicious local food and very fresh fish. And if you love surfing just a few kilometers away you will encounter surf beaches where only the bravest dare to go.


I am also dreaming of a tour through the desert on the back of a camel. I want to see bright stars in a pitch-black desert night, they say it is spectacular. Hopefully my telephone doesn´t have coverage!


And to finish of the trip, before returning to reality, I would spend a day in an authentic Hammam where you can take a bath or a massage and enjoy the pleasures of a traditional Moroccan bath.

Ups! I have to continue working. It´s still raining here… But you can turn this dream into reality. You can book your holidays on and say goodbye to the cold days..

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