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Montjuic Hill And Poble Espanyol Spanish Village

Montjuic Hill And Poble Espanyol Spanish Village

16 Sep Montjuic Hill And Poble Espanyol Spanish Village

Montjuic Hill in Barcelona city is visited by tons of thousands of people every year. The Poble Espanyol village is known as the Spanish village of Barcelona. It is quite famous for its attractions and the entertainment factor, despite being quite a small village.

This village is home to an old fort situated atop a castle, Montjuic Castle, from where one can get a beautiful view of the whole city of Barcelona. The castle has a rich history behind it, and you can ask your guide there to help you out with the facts and information.

There is a village in the hill called the Poble village which was built in the year 1929 during the Barcelona World Fair. The village exists even today in all its forms and glory. It is believed that this village is amongst the top 5 most visited places in Barcelona because every tourist comes here ever so often during their vacation in Barcelona.

This village is mainly a famous attraction for tourist because it holds a collection of beautiful architectural pieces from the history of Spain. Even though the buildings and monuments were constructed by 1929, the resemblance to the real deal is barely noticeable unless you keep a special interest for Spanish architecture. This village was built as an experiment to recreate the history of Spain in one compact space.

The village, after its creation, became exceedingly popular. This popularity resulted in the place getting turned into a real village with cafés, restaurants, shops, clubs etc. If you are on time then you may get a chance to watch a live concert organized in the village. There are many other forms of entertainment too: like handicraft shops, stalls etc. These always keep shopping enthusiasts occupied and happy.


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