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Spanish Civil War Walking Tour

Spanish Civil War Walking Tour

23 Sep Spanish Civil War Walking Tour

Though the name is not a very appealing one, it is a very popular and fun excursion in the city of Barcelona. These guided tours of the Spanish Civil War shed light on the events that has taken place in the history and why they took place. This is a fun tour to take part in when you are in Barcelona.

You can see this city from a different perspective

The guides take into consideration the interests of the travelers and keep them well-informed about the happenings of the tours, including giving information on the war and war affected zones. If you want to see a different side of the city, then this is what you should be taking part in while on your holiday in Barcelona.

It is for story lovers

The guides will tell you stories about the civil war and show your pictures on their iPads and tablets. The sessions are always very interactive where every person gets to participate, exchange knowledge and stories. You can ask as many questions as you like, as the guides are very understanding and respond to every query.

A tour for students

The Spanish Civil War guided tour is also made for students of history. Not only will they get to see in real life what they have learned in their books, but they will get to touch, feel and experience everything that their minds had only dreamt of. The tour is equally enjoyable for teachers as well.

History brought to life

We can guarantee that there will be some new information added to your knowledge. The passion, with which the guides talk and tell you about the war, will make the tour more interesting and fun. This tour is like a helping hand at making the information read in the books become an experience altogether. They will help you grasp the tiny details of the events, which will make history seem not boring anymore!

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