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Tales Of Barcelona Tour

02 Oct Tales Of Barcelona Tour

Tales Of Barcelona Tour is based on the areas mentioned in certain books. The guides will take you through the places that your favorite books have spoken so much about. You can relive the imagination and see the ideas come to life as you go through the city. Tales Of Barcelona Tour could be your dream tour.

The Shadow of the Wind Tour

This tour, based on the book will take to you through all the places mentioned there. Unlike any other tour this tour is special because it reaches out to people on a deeper level than any other. If you have loved the book, you will also love the tour even more. The rich history and culture of the city can be explored through this tour which is made more interesting by the guides, who keep you entertained and informed about every place, building, nook and cranny of Barcelona.

La Catedral del Mar

The tour based on the book by the Spanish author, Ildefonso Falcones.With constant references to the book, you will find this tour immensely entertaining. The guides will keep tell you about the history of the city, how life has changed from the medieval times and tell you a little in detail about the book and the inspiration behind it.

Walking and cycling tours

There are walking as well as cycling tours available for you to choose from. Both are equally entertaining. You will be taken away from the most travelled routes of the city and shown a little unique side of it. We hope you enjoy your tour when you are on holiday in Barcelona!

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