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Walking Tours in Barcelona

Gothic bridge that connects the House of Canons of Bisbe Street, residence of the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia (left), with the Generalitat Palace

25 Jun Walking Tours in Barcelona


Barcelona has many sites to see, and many places to be at. In such a city that has a rich history, a beautiful present and a colorful culture there has to be something for everyone. That is why here they have absolutely FREE walking tours in Barcelona.

No matter for how long your holiday in Barcelona will last, a free walking tour of the city is a must. The very well-informed guides will show you the city from their own perspective, adding flavor to every details and wonder to every new information.

From taking a tour of Eixample, to understanding the creations of the famous artist, Antoni Gaudi the guides will let you take in everything that this wonderful city is about. Some of the most common tours include: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlo, and other famous landmarks like the Gothic Quarter and museums.

You will get the chance to spend some time with the guides, enquiring about Barcelona in one of the many restaurants and bars present in the city. Don’t forget to try all the delicious food! These tours last approximately for 2 hours, but the short time doesn’t come in between the exchange of knowledge.

From politics, history and architecture learn a thing of two about art, culture and Barcelona’s locals from these very experienced and knowledgeable tour guides. If this activity is the first thing on your list, then it could be a great way to have some insights on how and where to spend the rest of your unplanned holidays in Barcelona. These walking tours are free. So, make sure your pay your guide for the service that they provided.

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