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Why Should You Visit CosmoCaixa?


18 Sep Why Should You Visit CosmoCaixa?

CosmoCaixa, in Barcelona, is a science museum which holds information and facts about nature, life, environment and the galaxy. This museum was closed in 1998 due to the fact that it needed a renovation, and it opened back in 2004, completely accessible to the general public.

Located in the city of Barcelona, Spain, this science museum is very popular among science enthusiast and children alike. No matter which time of the year you plan on visiting this knowledge bowl, you will definitely find a group of kids wandering about the museum looking at new things of wonder.

This is not like any regular museum where you only get to look at exhibits and read, but you can actually experiment with the items kept in the exhibits and learn through hands-on experience. It is something which will definitely fascinate young ones as well as the elders as they get to do something which they learnt only through reading. The exhibits here keep changing with time as many of them are temporary, while others are permanent. CosmoCaixa has a planetarium, also.

The CosmoCaixa Barcelona museum was formerly named the Science Museum of Barcelona. But after reopening in 2004, the name was changed to its current name. The museum is filled with shops and stalls where you can buy interesting stuff related or non-related to the field of science. You can visit the teaching center where many connoisseurs gather to gain some more knowledge. And later, after all the excitement, take some time to relax by the cafeteria and enjoy delicious coffee and snacks.


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