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Why visit Serra de Tramuntana in Palma De Mallorca?

Panoramic view of Palma de Mallorca, Spain

22 Jun Why visit Serra de Tramuntana in Palma De Mallorca?



Declared a world heritage site by Unesco, Serra de Tramuntana in Palma De Mallorca is a stunning example of cultural landscape.  With vast mountain ranges and a preservation of ecological and natural wildlife and resources, the area that forms the northern backbone of the island of Mallorca is a sight not to be missed. Whether you are a nature lover or just someone who wants to experience the most out of their vacation, there are many reasons why visit Serra de Tramuntana in Palma De Mallorca, as it is a perfect example of the vast beauty found in Spain’s outdoors.

Although the mountain range is more wet than other parts of Palma De Mallorca, it is cooler than other parts making it a great place to enjoy especially during hot summer months.  The nature preserve also harbors vast forests perfect for animal sightseeing.  During the winter months, even a bit of snow  on higher peaks has been known to occur. Renting an apartment in Mallorca can allow you to enjoy this wonderful place for longer, and you will spend less money as compared to the hotel stay.

Enjoy a walk through the capital Palma, exploring the historical streets and museums before heading to the scenic mountains.  The unique and unchanged flair of Palma is a perfect way to begin your journey.  During Spring check out the beautiful native almond blossoms and flora and fauna that is found within the valleys of the limestone majestic mountains.  With many walking tour opportunities and paths to take, hiking here will be an experience you will not forget.  Only a site this beautiful and well preserved and protected by local communities can garner the attention of the international community and be recognized as a World Heritage Site.

So why visit Serra de Tramuntana in Palma De Mallorca? Not only is it breath-taking and beautiful, it is one of those trips that you can boost about that will leave people in awe.

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